2018 winners


Supreme Award

Sponsored by Whitmar Publications

Kenkō Koi Fish Food Colour Plus by Hamilton Adhesive Labels

(L-R) FlexoTech advertising manager, Debbie Bridgland, awards host, Patrick Kielty, national sales manager, Paul Humpage, operations director, Paul Larkin, managing director, Chris Marsh, production manager, Seb Bolingbroke, Hamilton Adhesive Labels and Whitmar Publications managing director, Lindsey Pearson

The judges said: ‘We’ve been impressed at first glance and the more we were checking the quality, the more we were convinced to be looking at a really ‘first in class’ piece of work.’

Labels (process)

Sponsored by Dantex Group

Kenkō Koi Fish Food Colour Plus by Hamilton Adhesive Labels

(L-R) Patrick Kielty, Seb Bolingbroke, production manager, Hamilton Adhesive Labels, Dantex Group’s business development manager, Simon Cosh and Chris Marsh, Hamilton Adhesive Labels’ managing director

And the judges said: ”Incredible vignettes to paper white, smallest dots ever seen in flexo, sharp text and high colour density. A superb promoter of flexo.’

Also nominated:

  • Puréety Ultimate Marinade Sauce: Soy, Ginger and Garlic by Midland Regional Printers
  • Sunlight Extra Nature Dishwashing Liquid by New Era Labels
  • Vilsen Micellalure Shampooing pour Cheveux by Flex-n-Roll

Labels (line and tone)

Sponsored by Focus Label Machinery

Pale Fox Vadle delle Volpi Asolo Prosecco by MCC England

(L-R) MCC England’s commercial manager Amy Walker, sales manager Amy Chambers and Focus Label Machinery’s sales manager, Antony Cotton

The judges said: ‘Packaging and labels don’t always have to be full of ink! This entry plays with light shades printed very well.’

Also nominated:

  • Clearsprings Sauvignon Blanc 2018 by Olympus Print Group
  • Wildcat Gin by MCC Scotland
  • Burger Bliss Iberico Burger by Reflex Newcastle

Flexible packaging narrow web

Sponsored by Cheshire Anilox Technology

Marie Risotto aux Champignons de Paris by BRJ (Athena Graphics)

(L-R) Philippe Gueguen, Chargé d’affaires at Palamy BRJ, Marc Vanneste business unit and sales manager France at Athena Graphics, and Cheshire Anilox Technology’s UK sales manager, Paul Morrell

And the judges said: ‘Extremely challenging, fade out vignettes at high screen ruling with very small highlight dots and a clever use of the fixed colour palette.’

Also nominated:

  • Urban Crunch Nuts by Clifton Packaging Group
  • Dell’Ugo Spiced Butternut Squash Ravioli by Saica Flex Haverhill
  • Leader Foods Chef’s Lactose Free Cocoa Drink Powder by Westpak Finland

Flexible packaging medium web

Sponsored by huber group

Gotovim Vmeste spices by Uniflex CJSC

(L-R) Nikolay Shestak on behalf of Uniflex CJSC and hubergroup sales director, flexible packaging, north west Europe, Hal Halil

The Judges said: ‘Clever and good use of colours to enhance the gamut and obtain vibrant results. Very small highlights and clean text with sharp edges.’

Also nominated:

  • Flaming Pearl Prime Rib Bao Bun by Sunshine FPC
  • Vitacat Healthy Balance Ocean Fish 800g by Roberts Mart & Co
  • The Real Butcher Burger 4 x 140g by Wipak Finland

Flexible packaging wide web

Sponsored by Koenig & Bauer

Espresso Monte-Carlo Velluto Bio 10 Capsules by Roberts Mart & Co

(L-R) William Roberts, managing director, Roberts Mart & Co, and Koenig & Bauer’s international sales and marketing director Stefano Squarcina

The judges said: ‘Effective natural feel on a difficult substrate, very crisp and tiny text with a consistent background.’

Also nominated:

  • Slimming World 6 Hot Dog Sausages by Reflex Flexible Packaging
  • Alma Keefir 2.5% 1 litre by Elecster
  • Burton’s Fish ‘N’ Chips Sour Cream & Chive by Saica Flex Buxton

UV flexo, paper and board

Sponsored by IST (UK)

The Black Farmer Pork Mince by Reflex Newcastle

(L-R) Reflex Newcastle’s NPD & Innovation manager Alan Quinn, sales manager Allyson Potter and IST UK’s joint managing director, Simon Mitchell

The judges said: ‘High ink saturation, particularly good colour separation with the smallest dots vignetting to paper white, as well as very sharp and defined black negative text and very good ink coverage.’

Also nominated:

  • Hayman’s of London Sloe Gin by MCC England
  • Gillette Fusion 5 ProShield by Leading Edge Labels & Packaging
  • Tesco Chargrilled Artichokes Garlic and Herb by Coveris Cramlington

Corrugated post-print (C flute and above)

Sponsored by MacDermid Graphics Solutions

Naked Noodle Singapore Curry Noodle Pots 12 x 78g by Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac

(L-R) Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac’s Ross Knowles, printer, technical support manager, Keith Hullah and MacDermid’s territory manager UK & Ireland, Matt Bates

The Judges said: ‘Vibrant colours and good densities make this product very fit for purpose despite the challenges of the substrate.’

Also nominated:

  • Stallhagen Honungsöl Pale Lager 12 x 355ml by DS Smith Finland
  • Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Traditional Kentish Ale 8 x 500ml by DS Smith Burscough
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label Limited Edition Design by DS Smith Packaging Livingston

Corrugated post-print (E and F flute)

Sponsored by Harper Corporation of America

Kemppi Gamma Welding Helmet and Respirator by Stora Enso Packaging Lahti

(L-R) Mika Vilppunen, production engineer, Stora Enso Packaging Lahti, Harper Corporation of America’s vice president of sales, Alan Rogers, and machine operator, Aleksi Koivisto, Stora Enso Packaging Lahti

The judges said: ‘Excellent use of CMYK separations, excellent grey balance, clean and small text. A perfect example of a profitable use of flexo.’

Also nominated

  • Harringtons Cat Food by Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac
  • Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Baby Pod by Stora Enso Packaging
  • Greene King Golden Beer Selection 12 x 500ml by Saica Pack South

Combination printing

Sponsored by Flint Group Narrow Web

Gillette Fusion 5 ProShield by Leading Edge Labels & Packaging

(L-R) Andy Jeffs, engineering manager and Keith Haines, print production manager, Leading Edge Labels & Packaging, Flint Group’s regional manager narrow web – UK and Ireland, Keith Redmond

The judges said: ”Superb contrast, high screen count and excellent ink transfer. This is a superb example of flexo doing better than its big competitor offset in the folding carton segment.’

Also nominated:

  • Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky by MCC Scotland
  • The Infusionist Passionfruit Gin Liquer by The Label Makers
  • Opihr Gin & Tonic with a Twist of Orange by Reflex Label Plus Keighley

Best use of process colours only

Sponsored by Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems

Nestlé Aero Purely Chocolate Bubbles by Interflex Group Sunderland

(L-R) Print co-ordinator Jonathan Watson Interflex Group Sunderland and Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems senior market manager – market and product management graphics EMEA, Silvia Casellato

The judges said: ‘Masterly use of CMYK with intelligently combining metallic effects by lamination, substrate none the less holding the ‘copper’ look. Good colour management.’

Also nominated:

  • ASDA 10 Garlic and Chilli Baguette Slices by FFP Packaging Solutions
  • Tesco Ready to Eat Chilli and Lime Steamed Salmon Chunks by Reflex Newcastle
  • Fruit Bowl Juicy Yogurt Raisins by Roberts Mart & Co

Sacks and corrugated pre-print liner

Sponsored by Uteco Group

Beck's Lager 12 Pack by Smurfit Kappa CRP

(L-R) Jim Northern and Dave Moffatt, Smurfit Kappa CRP, and Uteco Group sales and marketing director, Davide Cucinella

The judges said: ‘A difficult job but delivered with good contrast and sharpness and some good tone work.’

Also nominated:

  • Greene King IPA Pavillion Pack by DS Smith Packaging Belper
  • Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell Twin Pack by DS Smith Packaing Belper
  • Rowenta Cyclonic White by Smurfit Kappa CRP
  • Guinness Draught 12 Pack by Smurfit Kappa CRP

Flexo print job previously produced by another process

Sponsored by Esko

Purina GoCat Crunchy & Tender 4 x 800g by DS Smith Packaging Belper

(L-R) DS Smith Belper general manager, Adam Platts, and Esko sales account manager, Sam Nicholson

The judges said: ‘Good example of keeping the reference set by sheet fed offset. Very good ink laydown, high colour intensity, good fade-outs, better than offset.’

Also nominated:

  • Webbox Chicken Flavour Chubb Roll Twin Pack by Roberts Mart & Co
    Turf and Clover Honest Irish Meat by Reflex Newcastle

Digital labels and packaging

Sponsored by Xeikon

Hot Tub Nights Aromatherapy Crystals Pouches by CS Labels

(L-R) Managing director, Simon Smith, operations director, Adam James, CS Labels, and Xeikon’s sales manager UK and Ireland, Duncan Sargeant

The judges said: ‘Good example of how digital printing is stepping into markets where traditional printing is normally used.’

Also nominated:

  • Bude Brewery Beer Bottle Labels by Harkwell Labels
    Apotho Eau de Toilette Labels by Amberley Adhesive Labels
    Bandits Maple Flavoured Moonshine Labels by MCC Canada

Promotional print

Sponsored by Sun Chemical

Plastic Free Pouch by FFP Packaging Solutions

(L-R) Managing director and CEO, David Cooper, print development manager, Paul Hesketh, FFP Packaging Solutions and Sun Chemical’s UK and Nordic business director Richard Hulme

The judges said: ‘Sustainable substrate in combination with high quality while using less ink – both in number and coverage. Enhances the direction of this company and the entire industry towards a responsible approach to packaging.’

Also nominated:

  • Atlas Packaging Bottle Gift Pack by Atlas Packaging
    Rubine Red C Wine Label by eticod flexo and digital
    Crystal London Psychedelic Print by Hamilton Adhesive Labels


Sponsored by EFIA

Bellissima DMS by Hamillroad Software

(L-R) CEO Andy Cave, Hamillroad Software, and EFIA vice chairman, Andy Wilson

The judges said: ‘This entry has significantly pushed flexo forward, dramatically improving the quality of print and enabling printers to achieve results not possible before.’

Also nominated:

  • Print Control Wizard by Esko
    rotec Smart Premium Sleeve by Flint Group