2019 winners


Supreme Award

Sponsored by Whitmar Publications

Fruit Bowl Moreish Mango by Roberts Mart & Co

(L-R) Sally Phillips, awards host, William Roberts, managing director, Roberts Mart & Co and Lindsey Pearson, managing director, Whitmar Publications.

The judges said:We are very happy to see that this humble four colour reproduction achieved the highest overall score. This is how flexo is able to confirm its position as the benchmark for packaging printing.

Labels (process)

Sponsored by Dantex Group

Air Wick Composite by Saica Flex Deeside

(L-R) Darren Charlton, project manager, Saica Flex Deeside and Dantex Group’s business development manager, Simon Cosh.

The judges said:A good example of how the latest technologies for expanded gamut can be properly used not only to enhance the colour reproduction, but also to combine different jobs in the same fixed colour palette.

Also nominated:

  • Petite Petit by Multi-Color Corporation Napa
  • Peacock Quality Apple Cider by Hamilton Adhesive Labels
  • Aldi Black Treacle & Stout Ham by Reflex Mansfield

Labels (line and tone)

Sponsored by Focus Label Machinery

Caleb’s Kola by Eshuis

(L-R) Darren Shepherd, regional director north, BPIF on behalf of Eshuis and Focus Label Machinery’s technical sales director, Antony Cotton.

The judges said:Excellent reproduction of thin reverse text, still readable with high ink volume used to create an over inked effect. Simple and effective.

Also nominated:

  • H.E.A.L with Pete Evans Organic Beef Liver by Label Power
  • Wisdom Fresh Effect Coolmint by Hamilton Adhesive Labels
  • Greenall’s Gin by Multi-Color Corporation Daventry

Flexible packaging (narrow web)

Sponsored by Cheshire Anilox Technology

Carrefour Broccoli & Emmental Soupe by BRJ

(L-R) Marc Vanneste, business unit manager France at Athena Graphics and Cheshire Anilox Technology’s production director, Phil Smith.

The judges said:Soft tones and delicate tints are well handled in a very fit for purpose job.

Also nominated:

  • Cherry Lady Confectionery by Uniflex
  • Dettol Fresh by Reflex Label Plus Barwell
  • Lidl Poêlée Savoyarde by Emsur

Flexible packaging (medium web)

Sponsored by hubergroup

Fruit Bowl Flakes Variety by Roberts Mart & Co

(L-R) William Roberts, managing director, Roberts Mart & Co and hubergroup sales director flexible packaging north west Europe, Hal Halil.

The judges said:A great example of how flexo should be, using only four colours to achieve both saturated colours, wide gamut and tiny text in register.

Also nominated:

  • Kellogg’s Extra Pépites Crunchy Muesli by Amcor Flexibles Cumbria
  • Premium Selection Hand Cooked Crisps by Clifton Packaging
  • Falcon Extra Brew 3.5% by RKW Finland

Flexible packaging (wide web)

Sponsored by Asahi Photoproducts

Pedigree Dentastix by Interflex Group Sunderland

(L-R) Jonathan Watson, print coordinator, Interflex Group Sunderland and Karl Davison, UK and Ireland sales executive, Asahi Photoproducts.

The judges said:Excellent solid colour laydown with smooth transitions and impressive highlights.

Also nominated:

  • Whole Kids Organic Turtle Puffs Sweetcorn and Carrot by Clifton Packaging
  • ASDA Supercook Oats by FFP Packaging Solutions
  • Debbie & Andrew’s 10 Perfect Pork Sausages by Roberts Mart & Co

UV flexo on paper and board

Sponsored by IST (UK)

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Steak Burgers by Coveris Labels

(L-R) Scott Clayton, site operations co-ordinator, Coveris and IST (UK)’s joint managing director, Simon Mitchell.

The judges said:Great use of process colours as well as excellent control on tints within solid spot colours, very tasty execution.

Also nominated:

  • Fittify Green Coffee by iTek Packz
  • Co-op 4 Sticky Maple BBQ Pork Kebabs by Reflex Newcastle
  • ASDA Simply Cook Tikka Chicken by Coveris Boston

Sacks and corrugated pre-print liner

Sponsored by Uteco Group

Brigade 1000 CT Paintballs by Packaging Technologies Inc

(L-R) On behalf of Packaging Technologies Inc Nigel Heaford, area sales manager, J M Heaford and Uteco Group’s area sales manager, Ettore Roina.

The judges said:We were struck by the level of print control demonstrated by the result achieved. The handling of the black to create soft vignettes to minimum dot and in some areas allowing it run to zero was excellent. It shows good readability of text, good registration and effective separations to produce a fit-for-purpose result.’

Also nominated:

  • Slimming World Black Forest Gateau by DS Smith Packaging Belper
  • Stella Christmas 12 Pack by Smurfit Kappa CRP Pre-Print

Corrugated post-print (A, B, C and D flute)

Sponsored by Bobst

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Crystal Glasses Gift Pack by DS Smith Packaging Livingston

(L-R) DS Smith Packaging Livingston’s print manager, Paul O’Connor and Bobst’s zone business director, Craig Moran.

The judges said:Excellent reproduction of the product, the image pops out on a difficult substrate.

Also nominated:

  • Kinder Bueno Mix by Atlas Packaging
  • Bailey’s Pumpkin Spice by Saica Pack South

Corrugated post-print (E and F flute)

Sponsored by Harper Corporation of America

Cherries by Wellpappe Auerswalde

(L-R) Andreas Bader, managing partner, Wellpappe Auerswalde and Harper Corporation of America’s vice president of sales, Alan Rogers.

The judges said:The judging decision was difficult for an almost head to head comparison, but the extreme smoothness of the tonal gradations and the care in process control made this a winning sample.’

Also nominated:

  • Müller Rice Honey and Walnut by Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac
  • Pingviini Mansikka & Mango-Meloni by DS Smith Finland
  • Nescafé & Go Mixed Case by Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac
  • Cornish Orchards Elderflower by Atlas Packaging

Combination printing

Sponsored by Nilpeter

Olivado Avocado Oil by Reflex Label Plus Keighley

(L-R) John Hammond, sales director, Nilpeter, Joy Draper, Olivado and Reflex Group’s NPD and innovation manager, Alan Quinn.

The judges said:Perfect match of category brief, combining flexo with enhancements from foil and varnish with tactile effects to have a feeling of the product with a noticeable black.

Also nominated:

  • Kirker & Greer Irish Whiskey by Multi-Color Corporation Daventry
  • Syabry San Remino Rosso Vermouth by Flex-n-Roll
  • The Rambler White by Olympus Print Group

Process colours only

Sponsored by Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems

Fruit Bowl Moreish Mango by Roberts Mart & Co

(L-R) William Roberts, managing director, Mark Sargeantson, production director, Tony Rymer, print technical manager, Roberts Mart & Co and Silvia Casellato, senior market manager graphics EMEA, Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems.

The judges said:Any printer would have approached this layout with spot colours only. Using only CMYK with such quality and precision is really impressive, resulting in an enhancement of the design.

Also nominated:

  • Milky Way Magic Stars Hot Chocolate by Roberts Mart & Co
  • M&S King Prawn Skewers by Coveris Labels

Originally printed by another process

Sponsored by Miraclon

Baby Gourmet Organic Slammers by Packaging Technologies Inc

(L-R) On behalf of Packaging Technologies Inc Nigel Heaford, area sales manager, J M Heaford and Miraclon’s marketing manager for Europe, Nilgun Turan.

The judges said:Very effective example of conversion from Gravure to Flexo, preserving the expectations on quality while matching the needs of shorter runs.

Also nominated:

  • Edwards of Conway a Very Large Gammon Steak by Reflex Newcastle
  • Desperados Original by DS Smith Fordham

Digital labels and packaging

Sponsored by Xeikon

Vibrant Forest Mosaic + Sequential by Harkwell Labels

(L-R) Tim Fountain, managing director, Harkwell Labels and James Thomas, sales manager UK and Ireland, Xeikon.

The judges said:Awesome! That’s a great example of how to fully exploit the benefits of digital printing.

Also nominated:

  • Joe’s Farm Crisps by Ultimate Digital
  • Scent Republik Pouches by CS Labels
  • Firefly Love Potion by Berkshire Labels

Promotional print

Sponsored by Sun Chemical

Project Blue by Interflex Group Sunderland

(L-R) Jonathan Watson, print coordinator, Interflex Group Sunderland and Sun Chemical’s business director publications and specialities, Richard Hulme.

The judges said: Impressive demonstration of product capabilities raising the bar of expectations of what’s possible to do in flexo.’

Also nominated:

  • Perky Pets Promotional Print by Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac
  • Chameleon Fixed Colour Palette Booklet by Saica Flex Deeside
  • Quadseal Bag by Polipaks


Sponsored by EFIA

The 1st E-Commerce B2B Company for Flexo by Flexo 24

(L-R) Diego Di Muro, founder and Andrea Tronchin, e-commerce manager, Flexo 24 and Debbie Waldron-Hoines, consultant CEO, EFIA.

The judges said:Helps the users to have a better understanding of their print conditions, going through a very slick, easy and clear interface and with e-commerce facilitation.

Also nominated:

  • TargetCure Air Cooled UV LED System by Phoseon Technology
  • DataLase New WBF 6101 Coating – The Sustainable Alternative by DataLase
  • SolarVerse System by Sun Chemical