How to enter


There are 16 printing categories to enter.

Just complete a separate entry form for each item you submit, multiple entries for one category are allowed, as are entries for more than one category.

A separate entry form and run of print for each entry is required even if the same print is being entered in more than one category (photocopies are acceptable).

All printed samples must be unconverted, of full press width and include at least three repeat lengths, this should include control strips and registration marks. With the exception of labels and corrugated post-print, cut-outs will NOT be considered by the judges.

Up to three entries per category are FREE of charge and £50 per entry thereafter. Payment must be made by cheque, made payable to Whitmar Publications Ltd, with the entries, alternatively please contact to arrange a bank transfer.

Nominated finalists will be announced prior to the awards presentation dinner. Nominated entries will be reviewed at the dinner and each winner will be presented with an award by the category sponsor.

You can apply here.

Roberts Mart & Co winning the FlexoTech Supreme Award was the culmination of all the hard work and investment over the last five years and it gives us worldwide recognition of a job well done. On a personal note, having worked as a flexographic printer since I was 16 and then some 53 years later to help Roberts Mart & Co win the FlexoTech Supreme Award was a high spot in my career.

Tony Rymer, print technical manager, Roberts Mart & Co

FlexoTech Awards